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25 October 2022
Project Manager/Resident Engineer | National Engineering Bureau (NEB)

Alphya Zereene

Alphya Zereene has been admirably fulfilling the role of Project Manager/Resident Engineer for National Engineering Bureau (NEB) for the past 10 years. As a site based Head of the Consultant team, she was responsible for successfully completing and handing over many challenging, prestigious, high value projects, that have adorned the ever expanding Dubai skyline.

In the male dominated construction field, Alphya’s knowledge, personality, leadership traits and above all her unflinching passion for the construction industry has made her an automatic choice for leading complex projects that NEB undertook. She possesses excellent all-round skills in the construction field, in all phases of design, project management and onsite construction and handover.

With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Alphya enjoys a wide range of experience working in senior roles with leading real estate Developers, Consultants and Contractors, which makes her a valuable asset to NEB, their clients and to the construction industry.

Alphya is a hardworking and dedicated professional. Her enthusiasm and energy, will definitely continue to contribute to the successful completion of many exciting projects in years to come.